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Over 75 years in the Well Drilling Business!

Professional Well Pump Dealers in Peterborough

At G. Hart & Sons, we offer purpose-built well pumps to serve just about every need. Not only are we professional well pump dealers in Peterborough, but we have a service-oriented team tasked with keeping your well pump operating for many years of to come. We have been providing fast and reliable services since 1936. In offering a diversity of services for all the various brands of well pump, the Peterborough area can count on expert pumping equipment installations and repairs. We serve the needs of domestic, commercial and municipal well owners. 


Just like every other appliance, the pumps in your building also need periodic maintenance if you want them to work properly for a longer period of time. At times, you can identify that there is a problem if there is a change in water pressure, taste, colour, but it may take you time to recognize it. Therefore, it is always best to have one of our water well pump technicians inspect your system at least once a year.


Proper and regular maintenance of pumps will ensure that:

  • They are running as efficient as possible
  • They reduce down time
  • Regular maintenance will reduce the equipment cost by extending the life of equipment
  • Adequate water flow and continued drinking water safety

G. Hart & Sons are professional pump dealers for the following brands:

Franklin Electric
Flexcon Industries
Boshart Industries
Goulds Pumps

We also regularly service and repair all makes including:

  • Duro
  • Red Jacket
  • Monarch
  • Myers

Please note that in-well pumping equipment must be installed and serviced by a licensed contractor/technician or else the well owner may face fines and/or insurance liabilities. They can cost you exponentially when it comes to insurance coverage, and insurance claims can often be refused.


G. Hart & Sons is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, and all of our key staff are licensed class 4 well technicians. Get in touch with us if you are looking for well pump dealers in Peterborough.We are trusted pump experts with extensive knowledge in the well and water conditioning industry.

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